Training & Development Services

  • Accreditation of Training Providers

  • Assistance in the accreditation of private training providers and organisational training divisions at relevant SETA ETQA’s.

    This service comprises of general consultation to assist in the process of new applications and/or in maintaining existing accreditation.

  • Development of Training Material

  •  Development of any new training material in line with NQF registered unit standards in an outcomes-based format. This can be combined with a “train the trainer” programme to enable organisational trainers to train the material.

    Material will adhere to adult learning principles and will be constructed in such a manner to ensure optimum learning of those attending.

  • Assessment and Moderation Services

  • Assessment and moderation of qualifications registered on the NQF. Constituent registration at Service SETA, Public Service SETA (PSETA), HWSETA, ETDPSETA and TETA.

Psychometric Services

  • Job Profiling

  • The process of job profiling is determining the competencies necessary for successful job execution. A scientific approach is followed using existing competency models and involvement of experts in the job, such as managers and incumbents to determine the relevant competencies. Competencies are presented in order of importance for the specific job.

  • Competency Assessment & Matching Individuals to Jobs

  • Competency assessment implies the assessing of people against a predetermined set of competencies, such as leadership, working with people etc. to determine their level of potential in each competency.

    Assessment tools can include personality assessment, ability assessment and simulation exercises like group discussions, role playing etc.

    The results of this assessment is compiled into a report, highlighting areas of strength and weakness. This can be utilised as the basis of focused staff training and development to enhance overall performance. This will enable organisations to identify individual and team development areas.

    This process can also be used for staff selection purposes.

  • Personal Development Planning

  • The comprehensive approach of determining competencies needed, assessing individuals against these competencies and compiling a structured personal development plan to address all the identified development needs. This is then followed up with actual interventions to address the needs identified. Such interventions will include experiential activities, coaching, work-based projects and short skills development workshops.

  • Psychometric Assessment

  • Assessment of individuals using various psychometric tools available. This assessment can be used to determine personality (OPQ), level of emotional intelligence (EQ-i) or any other information as measured by the psychometric tool. Ability can also be determined using various ability tests.